The application window for the 2020-21 Tennessee Educator Fellowship is open through 星期一,3月2日. 在最近的一个问题中 & A with 分数, 2019-20 fellow 劳伦Binkley reflected on her fellowship experience so far.

How have you grown from the fellowship?

As a Tennessee Educator Fellow, I’ve experienced growth unique to all the experiences I’ve had in my 12 years as an educator. 通过 collaboration with other passionate professionals and interactions with meaningful training and learning, I’ve developed my voice as an advocate in order to do my part in ensuring each student in Tennessee succeeds. 我已经 in my understanding of the diversity that makes teaching and learning in Tennessee so exciting and learned of the many efforts to reach and teach every single student in our state. I’ve grown to understand that my voice matters and that saying “I’m just a teacher” is simply untrue. I’m a teacher, and I am SO proud to be, but I am also a learner, an advocate, and a change-maker for our 学生.              

What has the Tennessee Educator Fellowship empowered you to do for Tennessee 学生?

Before becoming a Tennessee Educator Fellow, I knew the 学生 of our state deserved the very best, and I went to work each day determined to provide them just that. What I didn’t really understand was how I could use my voice as a teacher to make an impact both inside and outside of my 学校建筑. As a fellow, I am empowered with the knowledge and “know-how” to effectively share what our 学生 need and to courageously involve many stakeholders in this important work. My advocacy this year focuses on the need for high-quality instructional materials for all 学生, and my work has only been strengthened by moving the conversation from within the walls of my own 学校建筑 to a larger audience that includes district leaders, families, 和社区成员. These rich interactions have proven to me that when we all come together, 学生 win.

What is an experience that you’ve had as a fellow that 很惊讶你?

My experience has been full of delightful surprises, but perhaps what has impacted me most is the opportunity to meet so many people so committed to doing what’s right for Tennessee 学生. In our current culture, teaching is a difficult job! I have been so encouraged by meeting stakeholders from all parts of the community who believe in teachers and believe our 学生 deserve the best. That confidence and support gives me energy to continue our important work for 学生.             

Why should an educator consider applying for the Tennessee Educator Fellowship?

If you are a Tennessee educator with a heart for 学生 and a belief that our 学生 deserve — and are capable of — the very best, the Tennessee Educator Fellowship is for you. This fellowship builds on your passion and expertise in order to impact teaching and learning in our state and continue Tennessee’s journey to success for all.

劳伦Binkley is an educator for Metro Nashville Public Schools.

了解更多并应用. Applications are due by 11:59 pm CST on 星期一,3月2日. If you have questions, please refer to our 常见问题解答. You may also contact 分数’s Director of Educator 参与ment, Leigh Cooksey, at